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CampaignBuddy Solutions

Individuals to Corportations

Whether you are the solo marketer for your company or work with multiple departments, this tool allows you to easily create and manage numerous online ad campaigns and provides detailed reporting.


Gain massive efficiency in creating online ad campaigns for clients and detailed reporting in a snap. The increased efficiency provides higher profit margins. It can also provide additional revenue streams.


Tools and Features


Simplify The Complex

Learning the ever changing UI of platforms can be daunting. We follow the same 6 steps in campaign creation no matter where you run your ads.

One Tool

Create campaigns all in one place including ads and landing pages as well as editing media to create the perfectly crafted campaign.

Work Smarter

Cut the time it takes to create and manage campaigns by up to 70%, now that’s creating efficiencies!

Better Outcomes

Data and insights providing real time metrics used to drive continued optimization, A/B testing, and campaign management.

Lead Tracking

Track leads through our email and lead reporting system, or, push leads to your CRM to alert your sales team ASAP!.

Enterprise Configuration

Endless opportunities to integrate with open APIs.

“ Because of you guys, I had the distinct pleasure of letting our team know that, for the first time that I know of, our marketing actually, directly, measurably generated new clients. You guys are rocking it. Thanks so much for all the extra effort. This is just the beginning.”

G. B.

CMO - Minneapolis, MN

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